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Colour Temperature

 White light is produced in different shades as it is made by combining other colours together. We use a simple method of describing the colour characteristics of this white light by using the Kelvin scale.

There is however, no specific industrial standard as to exactly where one colour temperature band ends and another starts. It is entirely possible to have the same colour temperature called 2 different names by different people.

Amber-ish, creamy white light which is generally known as Very Warm White is typically around 2700k – similar to an incandescent lamp.

  • Very Warm Whites are typically 2700k - similar to traditional Incandescent bulbs
  • Warm Whites are typically 3000k - similar to Halogen bulbs
  • Neutral Whites are typically 4000k - similar to natural white
  • Cool Whites are typically 5000k plus - similar to natural sunlight

LEDs typically come in 2500k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k & 6000k.

Colour temperatures are a major aid in lighting design. If you wish to bring forth colours such as brown or red in textures such as wood or brick, warmer colours are used being at the red end of the colour spectrum and will accentuate them. By contrast, to accentuate white marble a neutral white would be the choice.

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